Fit For Adventure

In Life and in Sport


Physical Fitness

Personal Training and Nutrition

Is your Body ready to take on the adventures of life: sport, aging, play with grandkids, recovery of injury or illness?

Do you move your body every day and do you eat in a way that supports that movement or lack thereof?

Mental Fitness


Do you know the present moment?

Is staying focused on what is most important difficult for you?

Do you find that the word mindfulness is a foreign concept to you?

Emotional Fitness

Life coaching in motion

Are you living on fire?

*Are you tired of letting life pass you by?

*Do you have dreams, desires, fears that are holding you from living a full life?

Spiritual Fitness

Massage therapy

Does your life feel expansive or caved in?

Is nature an integral part of your world?

Do you have a way of giving back to yourself as a way of feeling the freedom in your body?


Ready to play?

Start Your Adventure