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Scott Sandstrom


Scott grew up surfing in Newport beach, CA and moved to Chicago and has become part of the midwest surf and windsurf culture. He has always had a passion for water: surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Here in the midwest there are no oceans, however, we have the majestic body of water in Lake Michigan.  This lake can afford us a deep connection to nature and allow us to do some real soul searching. Scott has owned a successful studio for personal training, meditation teaching, life coaching and massage therapy in Evanston, IL for 20 years. Surfing and windurfing are not just sports to him, they are a mind-state that is a meditation in movement. As a Zen practitioner for 20 years, he has cultivated a practice of sitting meditation and finding peace in stillness, and finds watersports deepens that connection. Scott was a competitive strength and conditioning athlete competing in the Olympic lifts: snatch, clean and jerk. He has now received extensive training with the kettlebell that mimics the same movements and is a full body connected movement, useful in all full body movements and sport. Scott studied for several years with Tai Chi Master Han and utilizes the foundations of Tai Chi in training the body and mind to be fit for all physical challenges. As a massage therapist, Scott combines all of his extensive understanding of postural deviations, methods of relaxation and rehabilitation. It is his life’s mission to optimize his human experience, be the best version of himself, and have that flow out into the world.