Types of services:                                                 


1.       Kettlebell training strengthens upper and lower body increasing whole body function through highly calculated and organized movement patterns.

2.       Tai Chi gives the body strong foundation from the lower extremities and relieves tension of back and neck, calculated movements correctinig postural deviations such as rounded shoulders, forward head, and lordotic curves in the low back. Most of us live our lives above our shoulders in our heads. Tai Chi corrects that.

3.       Stretching and foam roller initiate increase recovery time allowing one to train more frequently, decreasing injuries and increasing energy and improved of mastery of skill.

4.       Rehabilitation: targeted postural deviation rehabilitative exercises. Biomechanical muscular and postural and rehabilitation. Work smarter not harder: stretching and movement specific exercises to create harmonious physical and physiological function.

Train the body through sport/adventure, or train the body for sport/adventure: Every exercise at Fit For Adventure is a complex physical movement having greatest impact on brain and body to support life. It comes down to proper technique and type of exercise to elicit greatest strength and decrease possibility of  injury, supporting a vehicle of vitality for all adventures we wish to choose in life.

 Nutritional consultation:

Nutrition takes on many forms. Everybody should not take on the same diet. Deciding what to eat is a lifestyle. Treating “food as medicine” and not just entertainment provides physical strength that your body needs to provide peak strength and performance. Hormonal and neurological components are just as important as biomechanical factors affecting medicine for mental health, heart conditions, smooth muscle of heart and all organs are altered by nutrition and movement.


*Increased sport performance

*Pain free



*Live long and strong

*Fit for adventure