Life Coaching:

Changing peoples’ lives. Develop skill sets. Improve upon the strengths and gifts you have within yourself. Attentive to the details of your life: sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, movement, food as medicine. Tools to set your own goals and know how to stay fired up to accomplish them. How to live this one life you have to find mastery of the human experience with our children, life partners, and work. Carrying a focus within you that makes you feel alive, the best version of yourself. “One shot at life!” How are you going to live it, to be remembered? To feel at the end of your days, you did it, to the best of your abilities, affected the world, created change, didn’t let life pass you by, you were fully awake, ready to leave this world with accomplishments and seized every opportunity to be alive. “It’s all up to you!”

Coaching in motion:

This is an option to do your coaching in the magical world of nature while walking in the woods or at the lakefront yearound. Designed to help anyone with a pulse. If you do not achieve your desired result, you will learn why and adjust your internal environment to be able to assess your external! The bucket list just keeps getting fuller. Time to start emptying the bucket! 

WIG Goal:

Finding a singular focus, a “wildly important goal” to focus intently on while maintaining daily responsibilities. It’s a journey of creating a strategic, passion driven goal to produce massive results.

SMART goals have been the industry standard but coaching in motion goes beyond, taking score and being accountable which drives results in many of the greatest achievements in history.


*Become empowered to getting unstuck in your life.

*Finding hope and enthusiasm for the way you want to lead your life.

*“Show up” in life: family, friends, careers, personal dreams.

*Experience the emotion we are all seeking most: JOY

*Coaching in motion is a money-back guarantee to give you the tools to becoming your best self. Be the carpenter of your life!